Hello, my name is Steven Wells.

I’m one to make the most of opportunities that arise, so I enjoy wearing a few hats in my life. I’m a nurse, horticultural therapist, gardener, garden designer, writer and dabbler in various other horticultural pursuits.

I’ve probably got green blood, being the progeny of generational orchardists and market gardeners, for which I’m forever grateful. I’m a passionate gardener, I love undertaking my own garden projects and I do my best to stop and enjoy the smell of the roses (even though I don’t have any in my garden!). Life is a funny thing filled with various ups and downs, but one thing is certain … it is the main show, so get out and have some fun and give it your best.

Every now and then I have the fortunate opportunity to write for other garden media such as GardenDrum.

I’m a picker
I’m a writer
I’m a nurse
And I’m a gardener
I play my music in the garden

Contact: stevenwellsthegardener@gmail.com

Facebook: Steven Wells The Gardener

Instagram: stevenwellsthegardener